Apple varieties

New Zealand has a proud history for developing novel apple varieties. The New Zealand industry has invested heavily to invigorate the apple market with unique, tasty and crisp varieties.

GalaRoyal Gala and Braeburn are well-known and desirable varieties that originated in New Zealand and are now grown widely around the world.

Royal Gala and Braeburn are grown in the greatest numbers in New Zealand, followed by FujiJAZZ™, Pacific Rose, Granny SmithCox Orange Pippin, and various smaller varieties.  JAZZ™ is one of a variety of new New Zealand apples making a statement in the export arena.

ENZAFOODS’ apple products are high quality and uniquely flavoursome, due to the varieties used and the excellent growing conditions New Zealand provides.


A variety developed in New Zealand, it is a large apple with a clean, semi-sweet flavour and crisp, juicy flesh. It has a bold red stripe on a partially orange-red background and its flesh is white. It has excellent storage qualities and is particularly sought-after in Europe and North America.

Braeburn is New Zealand's largest volume variety and is harvested during late March and April.

Royal Gala

Royal Gala was developed in New Zealand and is a red sport of the Gala variety. It has a bright red stripe over a creamy yellow background and firm, white flesh. The delicious Royal Gala is sweet and crisp, making it one of the world's premium apple varieties and New Zealand's second largest volume variety.

Royal Gala is harvested from late February to late March.


A Japanese apple variety maturing in the latter part of the season. A very sweet apple varying from a soft pink stripe to a bright red colour, the Fuji has excellent storage qualities and eye appeal.




New Zealand’s fastest growing export variety already sold in twenty countries.  A medium sized, tangy-sweet apple with incomparable crunch and juice content JAZZ™ is the progeny of Braeburn and royal Gala and is converting both apple lovers and those not so interested traditionally.


Pacific Rose

Another New Zealand variety, it has a unique rose pink skin colour. The Pacific Rose is a medium to large fruit with a rich sweet flavour and crisp juicy flesh.

It is harvested in April.


Pink Lady

Pink Lady was developed in Western Australia from a cross between Golden delicious and Lady Williams. It is a medium sized apple with a pink blush over a green background.

Pink Lady is tart and sweet, and is harvested in early to late April.


Granny Smith

A bright green apple with crisp white flesh. It is excellent for cooking and is a refreshing, tangy eating apple.

Granny Smiths are harvested in April and early May.



Cox Orange Pippin

A semi-sweet, early season dessert apple with red flushes on light yellow skin. Harvested in late February/March, this is the first variety to reach export markets. It is particularly popular in the United Kingdom.




With a pink blush on a yellow background, the Gala was developed in New Zealand from Cox Orange Pippin, Golden Delicious and Red Delicious. It is a very sweet, crisp eating apple and an excellent export variety.

It is harvested from late February until late March.

Southern Snap

Recently developed in New Zealand, Southern Snap is a bright red apple with a rich tangy flavour. The flesh is crisp and juicy with excellent storage characteristics. Southern Snap has the potential to become popular in Europe and North America.

It is picked from late February until mid-March.

Red Delicious

A sweet apple with dark red striped skin, it is particularly popular in South East Asia and the Pacific.

Red Delicious apples are picked from mid-March until mid-April.



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