New Zealand. A land of temperate climate, fertile soils with an abundance of sunshine and rainfall, provides a lush environment in which to grow some of the world's finest fruit and vegetables. New Zealand's primary life force is the crystal clear water that flows from alpine ranges to the fertile plains below.

One of ENZAFOODS three processing plants is located in Hastings, Hawke’s Bay. This area is blessed with some of New Zealand’s highest sunshine hours, providing the region with a key advantage for successful fruit and vegetable growing. The growing seasons are generally low in humidity with continued heat through until April which is ideal for late maturing produce varieties.

Nelson is geographically separated from its neighbors by high mountains, with sheltered, productive lowlands, ample water, and a warm, sunny climate, all providing a fertile growing environment for a variety of crops.  ENZAFOODS Fruit Ingredients and Processing plants are ideally located here.